Catering & Fresh Food Menu

Below is a list of our total food offering and needs to be ordered in advance.

Garden Fresh Salads

Pesto Pasta
Kidney Bean
3 Bean
Herb Green Salad
Potato & Pancetta
White Bean Salad
Red Cabbage
Cucumber & Tomato Salad
Noodle & Beansprouts
Apple & Celery
4 Star Coleslaw
Tomato Pasta
Carrot & Toasted Seeds
Potato & Rosemary

Couscous & Peppers
Moroccan Chickpea
3 Bean with Cider Dressing Peppers
Couscous with Tomato & Pine Nuts
Radicchio & Beetroot
Tomato & Basil
New York Tuna
Pea & Mint
Potato & Herb
Thai Noodle
Puy Lentil
Spelt with Roasted Peppers
Fruity Rice & Cashew
Green Pilaf
Tofu Salad

All our salads are home-made using the finest seasonal ingredients, such as fresh herbs, premium olive oils & vinegars and freshly roasted nuts and seeds. Our salads are sold by weight - €1.75 per 100g.


Full Quiches can be cooked to order. 24 hours' notice if possible. All 8 portions. All sold by slice also.

Spinach & Feta (v)€28.00
Tomato & Goat's Cheese (v)€28.00
Roast Pepper & Basil (v)€28.00
Cheddar & Herb (v)€28.00
Stilton & Onion (v)€28.00
Bacon & Cheddar€28.00
Smokey Bacon, Flat Mushroom & Cheddar€28.00
Smoked Salmon & Tomato€28.00
Plum Tomato, Basil & Goat’s Cheese (v)€28.00
Salmon & Spinach€28.00
Carmelised Onion (v)€28.00
Salmon & Leek€28.00
Garden Vegetables & Goat’s Cheese (v)€28.00
Brie & Bacon€28.00
Courgette & Pine-nuts€28.00
Salmon & Dill€28.00
Mushroom & Thyme€28.00
Haddock & Spinach€28.00
Goat's Cheese & Carmelised Red Onion Mini Tarts€4.50
Slice of Quiche€3.50


Pepper, Pea & Mint (v)€25.00
Broad Bean & Feta (v)€25.00
Slice of Tortilla€3.25

Gourmet Sandwiches

Choose from our extensive bread range: white baguette, poppy seed baguette, baguette de bretonne, brown & white ciabatta, tomato & fennel seed bap, brown bap, onion bap, tortilla wraps, multicereal brown slice & thick white slice.

Italian Job: Pesto, mozzarella, roasted veg, & mixed leaves on foccacia

New Yorker: Pastrami, Dijon mustard, cream cheese, cornichons & mixed leaves

Health Kick: Tuna salad, carrot & sesame seed salad, & mixed leaves

Moroccan Bites: Hummus, Couscous, Smoked Chicken & mixed leaves in a wrap

The Dubliner: Baked ham, Ballymaloe relish, Dubliner Cheddar, coleslaw, & mixed leaves

Mexican: Pan-Grilled Chicken, guacamole, tomato & onion salad, & mixed leaves

Green Scream: Greek salad & brie cheese on a white bap

The English Ploughman: Maryland mature cheddar, tomato chutney, tomato & onion salad, & mixed leaves

Devil's Bite: Goat's Cheese, roasted veg & pesto with mixed leaves

Sopranos: Salami, smoked cheese with tomato & onion salad

Super Club Sandwich: Chicken, Ham & Coleslaw

Sitting Bull: Roast Beef with brie & green leaves

Falafels: Home-made falafel rounds served with cucumber & tomato salad, topped with yogurt & harissa dressings.

We arrange platters of mixed sandwiches for group lunches.

These are only recommendations and customers are welcome to create their own combinations from our broad selection of fresh salads, cheeses, meats & spreads. Prices start at €5.25 for two fillings plus mixed leaves. Additional fillings are charged at 75c each.


Sausage Rolls€1.75
Thai Chicken Spring Rolls€1.95
Vegetable Samosa€1.40
Roasted Pepper Crostinis€3.15
BBQ Chicken Wings€0.50
Spinach & Feta Cheese Filo Parcels €3.30
Ricotta Filo Parcels€3.30
Pesto & Sundried Tomato Potato Cakes€2.50
Potato Rosti with cheddar€2.50
Thai Salmon & Coriander Potato Cakes€2.50
Mini Bruschettas€0.95
Bruschettas with various toppings 

You can order a selection of snacks on a platter for meetings.


Small €3.40 Large €4.50 Freshly made daily

We also make hearty "hot-pot" soups which are really a one pot meal in a soup container. Also freshly made daily. €4.50 for 12oz container.


€7.50 per portion

Freshly made every day. Ring in & see what's cooking on the day - 4054779. Stock up your freezer or give a dinner/buffet party.

Hungarian Goulash - Beef & bacon pieces cooked with peppers, celery & onions in a heart-warming sauce.

Mahogany Beef Stew - Tender round steak cooked in a rich red wine base sauce with onions, carrots and hoi sin sauce.

Shepherd's Pie - Tender round mince steak, chopped carrots, tomato puree, vegetable stock topped with cream mashed potatoes.

Bolognese Sauce - Tender round steak, bacon strips, onions, mushrooms and celery cooked in a tomato & red wine sauce.

Chicken Chasseur - Chopped breast of chicken cooked in a red wine sauce with tomatoes, onions and mushrooms.

Chicken & Broccoli Gratin - Breast of chicken pieces cooked in a creamy bechamel sauce with broccoli. Topped with breadcrumbs.

Chicken Mediterranean Casserole - Breast of chicken pieces cooked in a tomato based sauce with black olives, green chillis, chickpeas & pine-nuts.

Thai Green Chicken Curry - Tender strips of chicken cooked with coconut milk, nam pla, lime leaves and our homemade green curry paste.

Mediterranean Lasagne - A mixture of roasted peppers, courgettes, red onions, aubergines and basil layered between lasagne, our delicious tomato sauce and topped with a bechamel sauce and parmesan cheese.

Meat Balls - Tender round steak mince deliciously seasoned with pesto, onion & mozzarella and served with our homemade tomato sauce.

Coq au Vin - Chicken, bacon, shallots & mushrooms cooked in red wine

Chicken Basque - Chicken & chorizo cooked with peppers

Chicken Stir-fried with peanuts and coriander

Oven baked salmon - Delicious fresh salmon, delicately seasoned and baked in the oven. (priced according to weight)

Chicken with Fennel - Tender chicken breast cooked with fennel and tarragon

Smoked Haddock Pie - Chunks of haddock and leeks topped with potato slices.

Lamb Coconut Curry - Tender lamb cooked with chillis, ginger & spices; accompanied by green beans, sweet potato & fresh herbs

Kedgeree - Smoked haddock & salmon cooked with chillis & spices in basmati rice.

Chicken Curry - Breast of chicken in a mild creamy fragrant tomato curry sauce

Chorizo, chicken & chickpea stew - Breast of chicken with sliced chorizo in a vibrant stew of tomatoes, chickpeas and paprika

Spicy Fish Stew - Cod fillet infused with cumin and paprika in a tomato sauce

Beef Bourgignon - Tender round steak cooked slowly in a rich red wine sauce accompanied with pearl onions and button mushrooms

Chilli Con Carne - Round mince steak with a mexican twist of fresh chillis, cinnamon, cumin and red kidney beans.

Hot Drinks

Latte/Cappuccino €2.60
Coffee &  Teas €1.85

Croissants, pastries & muffins available to go with your coffee.

Great Beginnings

Breakfast Platter: Croissants, Danish, Scones, Muffins, served with fruit, butter & preserves. From €4.00 per person

Bagel Basket: the original New York bagel served with cream cheese, preserves. From €3.30 per person

Lunch-time Any Time

Sandwich Platter: to include a range of sandwiches from €6.00 per person

Sandwich & Fruit Platter: as above and includes a range of fruit from €7.75 per person

Cheese Platter: Choose from our wide selection of European cheeses served with bread & crackers and presented in easy-to-pick pieces for lunch-time meetings from €30

Meat Platter: includes honey-baked ham, pan-grilled chicken, salami & pastrami from €30

Veggie Platter: fresh vegetables, tortilla chips, toasted pitta & hummus dip from €25

Luxury Platter: Smoked Atlantic Salmon with Soda Bread, Cream Cheese, Red Onion, Lemon, Capers & Rocket from €35

Sweet Tooth Platter: May include portions of lemon syrup, mini tartlets, home-made biscuit cake & brownies. 

Do you need any minerals, crisps, smoothies or delicious chocolate brownie, biscuit cake or alternatively healthy flapjacks? We can deliver it all to you. We charge for delivery and all prices quoted are ex-delivery. Delivery starts at €6